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Week 13: Outlining My TED Talk

To offer a very basic outline of my TED Talk, I intend to structure it much the same as I structure a lot of my writing. It starts with a presentation of the problem (and evidence to support it) with an explanation of from where the problem stems and then a proposed solution (again, with evidence, ideally from one’s own practice). I find this to be a logical structure that most TED Talks follow. If I were to ask my students to do a TED Talk and create a basic pre-writing map for them, those would be the three major boxes I would have them fill in!

My completed graphic organizer would probably look something like this:

As for the technology I will use to realize my TED Talk, I think I will use a Powerpoint to help structure the talk and display images for evidence. I use Powerpoint often when teaching, but I think it’s important that one limits the amount of text on the screen. Your audience should be focused on what you’re saying, not what’s written on the slide. Powerpoint mostly helps to cue me to move between topics and provide a kinetic visual. I plan to record an audio narration that I will dub over the Powerpoint presentation. I have not yet decided whether I will use a video recording of myself. If I do, I will limit it to certain sections depending on what I want to highlight. I think these video recordings can help personalize the content and keep the viewer engaged, but I also think they can be a bit boring if it’s just someone sitting in front of a webcam. We unfortunately don’t have access to the auditoriums of official TED Talks/TEDx.

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Great work Cassie! I think this is a great topic for teachers, especially now during this season of distance learning! English Language Arts has always been a subject that has not reached its full potential due to “teaching to the test” mindsets. ELA should be an opportunity for students to be creative and I think encouraging makerspace settings fused with ELA curriculum will be an incredible first step!
Looking forward to your TED Talk! Happy filming!
All the best,
Rebecca Roffi

I love the way you outlined your talk! It seems like you have a really well thought out plan. I agree that it can be very boring just watching someone recorded on a Webcam so using some simple PowerPoint slides is important. I also really like how you mention what caused the problem. Your topic is one which allows for this and I think that is the area where you will make a connection with many of the listeners. I think many of them will feel that way which will lead to them being more engaged for the solution part of your talk. Great Job!
~ Cassie

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