EDUC 581

Workshop Design & Evaluation: Student-Created, Edutainment, and Commercial Video Games as a Bridge to Engage Students in Learning

This paper responds to the increasing need for educators to connect students’ out of school practices and interests to classroom learning in order to engage and motivate students. Specifically, this paper will explore the high-interest medium of video games as a solution and consider how teachers might integrate edutainment (i.e. games designed specifically for educational purposes) and commercial video games (i.e. games designed for recreational or artistic purpose and enjoyed as a form of entertainment) within classroom contexts and content areas. Additionally, this paper will consider how we might empower students to create video games as assessment projects that reflect their classroom learning as well as implement and building 21st century STEAM skills. In addition to a literature review, this paper will cover the design of a workshop for pre-service teachers on these subjects and evaluate the results of that workshop. The workshop will specifically suggest Gamestar Mechanic as a platform for digital game creation and authorship which remediates this professional development need.